To help enhance your video conferencing experience, there are a number of features and settings that can be adjusted or applied to your preference.

Before joining a meeting

Selecting your preferred device or audio and video

Before joining you can select your preference device to enhance your audio and video stream.

1- Webcam.  Select the drop down if you have more than one webcam to switch between them

2- Microphone. You can switch your mic from onboard to an external mic or headset mic.

3 - Speakers. Use the drop down to switch speakers if using a headset.  You can press the blue play button to hear where the sound is currently being played.

We you using the Share Camera slider, you will be presented with a preview before entering the meeting. 

This can be switched to mirror view should you prefer by the icon at the top right of the preview window, as shown

Viewing the meeting dashboard

When you enter the video meeting room you will be presented with the primary interactions  at the bottom of the page

From left to right

1- Hang up the call

2 - Mute yourself. When muted a red border will be displayed around your video frame. Select again to unmute.

3 - Share or stop sharing your video. It will display green when sharing

4 - Share your screen click here for more details on screen sharing

5 - Lock the conference to prevent any other attendees from joining (leaders only)

6 - Device configure. Allows you to change your device setting mid call and also activate 'Push to talk' 

As the leader in the video frame of the attendee you will also have options to manage your attendees stream and audio

1 - Select Picture in Picture. view a thumbnail of the attendee that can be moved around the screen.

2- Select full screen video of the attendee

3- Disconnect the attendee

4 - Mute the attendee

Invite Guest / Attendee

Invite guest is located at the top right of the active dashboard or via the preferences bar.

When selected you have the option to either copy the meeting link of the current meeting and email out to invite them to the video conference.  Or alternatively if you know their contact number Dial Out and call them into the conference via audio only

If you have any questions or queries please contact our support team via live chat support 

Alternatively you can call or email using the contact details below

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933