• Enterprise Technical Requirements
  • Firewall Traffic Requirements
    IP Addresses:

  • Meetupcall Media Servers
    TCP: 443
    UDP: 30000-60000

    In order for media to flow directly between the browser and Meetupcall, the above IPs should be whitelisted for outbound traffic.

  • UDP ports are used for the transport of audio and/or video.
    The TCP ports are required for media signaling 

  • Meetupcall Dashboard

  • TCP: 443

    The application is served from the IP addresses above, a HTTPS connection on 443/tcp is required in order to load the application.

  • Media Relays TURN
    TCP: 443, 3478,
    UDP: 443, 3478

    In the event a direct connection to Meetupcall for media is not available, the application will attempt to find a media relay, in order this to occur the above IPs should be whitelisted for outbound traffic.

  • Proxy Requirements
    A proxy should allow access to:
    *.meetupcall.com using Protocols: WSS, HTTPS

  • Browser settings
    Javascript must be enabled
    Cookies must be allowed

  • Supported Browsers

  • Listed in the table below are the browser version numbers that are supported for Meetupcall's internet calling and video features. We always recommend using the most up to date browser version for the best possible experience.
    77 or higher
    13 or higher
    74 or higher
    Edge (Chromium)
    80 or higher
    Internet Explorer
    Not supported

  • Mobile Browsers

  • iOS - Safari 12+

  • Android - Chrome 77+

  • Operating System
    Listed below are the operating systems which are supported by Meetupcall

  • Windows
    MacOS on Mac
    10.14.4 (Mojave)
    Most Linux OS with the above Browser installed


    Internet Connection:
    Audio Only: >64kbits/s
    Video+Audio: 64kbit/s + 250kbits/s per other participant.
    Audio Only: >64kbits/s
    Video+Audio: >350kbits/s

  • Device Requirements
    Screen resolution: YYYxZZZ
    A Laptop or PC which can connect to the internet
    A stable internet connection
    A microphone for internet calling, this can be the in-built microphone or an external plug-in device.
    A camera for video conferencing, this can be the in-built camera or an external plug-in device.
    Speakers or a headset for audio