Once a meeting has been arranged, you can invite new attendees anytime before the meeting is due to start.

How to add an attendee

  1. Open the event in your calendar and select edit.
  2. Add the email addresses for any additional attendees in the same field.
  3. To complete the update select 'Send to All'

It is important you select ‘update all’ to ensure your meeting is updated and new attendees receive their dial-in details

Please note once the update has been sent, only the additional attendees & the leader will receive a new invite.

Inviting attendee to a meeting that has already started

From the call dashboard you have several options :-

1) Dial the attendee into the conference. 

Either click on the phone icon on the attendee name card or the dial out to attendee option at the top of the dashboard

2) Issue the attendee with a meeting link to join

From your dashboard select invite attendee and then share details, copy the meeting link to clipboard and then you can email out to your attendee to join the scheduled call.


3) Click on any current attendee name card and select 'Show dial-in details'. 

Here you can resend the email invite or send the absent attendee their dial in details via via sms or email

If you have any questions or queries please contact our support team 

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933 

E: support@meetupcall.com