If you have previously opted to be called at the start of a meeting, using our dial out feature, you can still cancel the option or change the number you have chosen to be called on at the start.

First you need to navigate to the dashboard of an upcoming call.

You can do this by logging into you leader account and then selecting  'Joining Options' on the email of the upcoming conference. 

On the call dashboard select join and then 'Don't call me', button, as below 

Once cancelled the button will change to 'Call me at the start', select this button again and you can now enter the new number you wish to be called on. 

Before you save, select if you wish the call to be only for the related meeting or every time you are due on a meetupcall meeting

If you have no upcoming meetings and wish the number to be removed please contact support who will be able to assist with this query.

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933  E: support@meetupcall.com