To personalise your leader settings you need to select the "your settings" icon located on the left hand side of  your conference dashboard, see below 


Conference Settings 


Meeting recording

Meetupcall can record your meetings for compliance, future reference, note taking or sharing with non-attendees.

Announce to all attendees that the call may be recorded 

When selected, a disclaimer is played at the start of the conference call to notify attendees the call will be recorded.


Depending on the number of attendees in your meetings, you may want to have them join the meeting muted to minimise disruption. Whichever option you choose, you can always mute or un-mute attendees whilst on the meeting dashboard, or they can press *1 on their telephone keypad to mute or un-mute themselves.

Join and leave announcements

When your attendees join your meeting we can announce them into the meeting to all other participants. 

Meeting tagging

Meetings can be tagged (with a cost centre, client code, department etc.) to enable your account administrator to break-down costs. Tags can be added to past meetings from your dashboard, or by including them in [brackets] in your meeting subject when you arrange a meeting. You can also add a default tag for all new meetings that you arrange.

Select your on-hold music

You have the choice of different styles of hold music or chose to have no music at all.

Select country Meetupcall will always try and detect the best dial-in  numbers based on your actual location and that of your attendees. To help us out, please select your default location below.
Select timezone As above, Meetupcall will always try and detect the best timezones based on your actual location and that of your attendees. To help us out, please select your default timezone below.


Security / Advanced

Meeting leader requirements

Typically as the organiser of the meeting you will be joining the meeting as a leader and controlling when it starts. Prior to a meeting starting the attendees will hear hold music and will be unable to hear each other. If you prefer, you can choose for the meeting to begin before the leader joins, enabling your attendees to speak to one another from the start.
Select your meeting authentication methodWhen sending out a meeting invitation using easy-invite, we can generate a new unique 9 digit meeting ID on a per meeting / per attendee basis. This will prevent attendees re-using details and joining future meetings.
Administrator accessBy default only you can view your meeting subjects and access your audio recordings. You can grant access to your account administrator here.
Emails  In the delivery of your Meetupcall meeting service we may send you a number of emails, you can choose which ones to receive 

Restrictions (Advanced)

Access to a number of Meetupcall features can be restricted to meet privacy requirements and to aid in managing costs.
On / Off

Do not display Toll free dial in numbers 

Hide attendee's photos and profiles

Block access to all dial out functionality

Do not display premium international Geo-plus dial in numbers

On / Off

Disable use of webcams 

Do not allow attendees to share their screen 

Waiting Rooms


Enable waiting rooms if you would like to screen guests attempting to join via your personal meeting link.