The option to share your screen is available from your conference dashboard, which can be accessed via the following methods

1) Logging into your account from the Meetupcall website 

2) Clicking on the 'View Joining Options' button from your Meetupcall invite

3) Via the Meeting Link created by the leader

Once you have joined the conference you will be presented with the screen share icon as shown

Click on the screen you wish to share and then the blue 'Share' button to commence the screen share.

NB: If you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser you will be presented with three options not just entire screen.

  • Share your entire screen (With the option to choose if more than one screen in use).
  • Share an individual application, eg an excel spreadsheet or power point presentation (check the document is active)
  • Share an individual internet browser tab

Select the option and screen / tab you wish to use and then select the blue 'Share' button to share your screen

Keyboard Shortcut 'S' and tab to the desired option before selecting enter

If you are using video then you and your attendees video feed will move to the right

When you are sharing your screen a banner will be displayed on your screen to notify you that the screen sharing has commenced and is active.  

You can also expand the window to full screen using the expand icon at the bottom right corner of the sharing window

Select the Screen share button again when you wish to stop sharing your screen.

This will not end the conference and you can select the screen share button again at any point during the conference call to share your screen again.

No programs or plugins are required to be installed by the leader or attendee for the screen share application to load, this is all done within the internet browser.

Users of Firefox.

The options to share your screen appears at the top of your browser as shown below. 

Choose the screen or window from the drop down list and select 'Allow' to start sharing

Please note this feature is not supported for the browser Internet Explorer or older versions of Edge.

For more information on compatible browsers please check the following link: technical requirements


If you have any questions or queries please contact our support team 

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933