The Call Dashboard is a web page that can be accessed by all attendees on a call and provides a real-time view of your meeting.

If arranged by easy invite you will see a name card of each attendee who is due on the upcoming meeting.

Once the meeting has started all attendees will have the option to join by video or audio from their PC or by phone if they do not have access to the internet.

Call Dashboard Icons 

To join the meeting select the 'Joining options' button.

Once you have joined the conference you will be presented with the following task bar of options


Explained from left to right

  1. Hang up the call
  2. Mute yourself (Keyboard shortcut M)
  3. Launch video (Keyboard shortcut C)  
  4. Share your screen (Keyboard shortcut S) 
  5. Lock the meeting room, preventing other attendees from joining
  6. Configure your devices (mic, camera & speaker)
  7. View guest list (Keyboard shortcut G) 

As leader you also have the option to Mute/ Remove or invite additional attendees into the meeting

Dial out to an attendee

You can manually call an attendee to invite them into your meeting from the dashboard using the dial out option.

Select the Icon at the top right of the dashboard and enter the number of the attendee and select the Dial button to confirm

Hide Inactive attendees

If you prefer your dashboard to hide any inactive attendee cards that may be cluttering up the screen you can do so by selecting the icon below, which is positioned at the top right of the dashboard during an active meeting. 

Accessing the call dashboard

To access the dashboard as the call leader or attendee click the Meeting Link supplied or button from your invite email  by selecting 'View Joining Options':


Alternatively, as the leader you can log into your Meetupcall Homepage and join your personal meeting room where the upcoming or active call is located.

If you have any other questions or queries relating to joining a meeting, please contact support 

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933  E: