To join a call, you require a Meeting ID and dial-in number or a meeting link, sent either from the leader hosting the call or an official email invite from Meetupcall. 

Dialing Details & Meeting ID 

If you have received an email directly from the call leader this should contain an 8 or 9 digit conference ID and a local dial-in number for the country you are calling from.

Dial the number given and when prompted by the message service, enter the Meeting ID followed by the # key, to join the call at the arranged time.

Meeting Link

Instead of a Meeting ID you may also receive a Meeting Link. When selected you will be required to enter your name & email address before joining the meeting.

If the leader is yet to join and start the meeting, the button will be greyed out with the message 'waiting for the leader to join' 

When the leader joins and the meeting starts you will automatically be called into the meeting.

Email Invite

Following a calendar notification from the leader, you will also receive an official meeting invite from Meetupcall.

Displayed at the bottom of the invite will be the Meeting ID and local dial-in number, the button above it 'View Joining Options' will give you options on how you prefer to join the meeting.

Clicking the One tap smartphone link at the bottom of the invite will also automatically dial you straight into the meeting, without having to manually enter the details.

Joining Options

Clicking on the ‘View Joining Options’ button will take you to the call dashboard, select joining options and you will be presented with three choices.

We Call You (If enabled by the leader), You Call Us & Online (connecting via pc or laptop)

We Call You (Dial Out)

Enter the number you wish to be called on, including the international dialing code.

You can also choose to be called for any future instances of the conference if it is reoccurring or for every future meeting, arranged with Meetupcall.

At the time of the meeting you will be called by Meetupcall, enter 1 when prompted and you will be placed straight into the meeting.

Should you miss the call we will try to call you again twice more at two minute intervals, if you don't want to join the call you can answer and press 2 when prompted and we won't call you again for that particular meeting.

The number we will call you on will be +44 (0)20 3031 6868 - so it is worth saving in your phone book so you know who it is when we call you.  

You Call Us

To dial in manually when the call is due to start, simply call the dial-in number provided, enter the ID when prompted followed by the # key and follow any further audio instructions.

If the location displayed differs from the one you are going to be based in at the start of the call, enter the correct location, by using the drop-down list or manually typing under in the country field.

Online (joining over the internet)

You can also join the meeting via your laptop or pc by selecting the Online option as shown

Before joining you can share your camera and select external audio & video devices for example a webcam.

Follow the permission prompts on your internet browser if requested like below.

Please be aware that Internet Explorer is not supported and you will be asked to use an alternative browser if detected.

For more information regarding the online feature please click here.

If you have any other questions or queries relating to joining a meeting, please contact support 

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933  E: