If you have arranged a meeting by Easy Invite, each attendee should receive the correct dial-in number based on their location and timezone.

 What if the dial-in number is incorrect?

If the location is incorrect your attendee can manually update their location by clicking the joining options button on their email invite.

The attendee will be taken to the call dashboard.  Click the joining options button and the select the 'Dial-In' option.


In the 'select location' field the attendee can then type in the country where they are located to receive the correct dial-in number to use along with the conference ID.

Once updated they will receive a revised invite with a new dial-in number for the location that has been specified, when the 15 minute reminder is sent out.

The location will also then be remembered for any future invites sent out to the attendee. 

Locating dial-in numbers from your meetupcall account

International dial-in numbers can be found on the Meeting Dashboard under the Numbers page located on the menu bar on the left.

This page gives a comprehensive list of countries and dial-in numbers that are currently available.

If the country that your attendee will be located in is not on the list, they can either opt to be called at the start or use the worldwide number +44 203 137 2688 as an alternative. 

A list of these numbers can also be found on the meetupcall website