Creating an Activities Meeting

As a leader you can create activity meetings on your account, that can be attended and hosted by an external facilitator. The meeting can go ahead with or without the leader in attendance.

Once created the facilitator will receive an email invite with the usual options to join the meeting. As a facilitator they can manage and dial out to attendees from the meeting dashboard but will not have access to any other settings or menus familiar to the leader.  

To arrange a meeting using the activities platform,  select the following icon located on your sidebar menu.

Select the 'Create Activity' button and complete each field, as shown below.

1. Activity Title

2. Date & Time of the meeting

3. If you wish the meeting to recur, eg. weekly / daily

4. Facilitator's Name (visable on the dashboard)

5. Facilitator's email address, which the email invite will be sent

6. The name and contact number for each guest you wish to attend

Creating a guest list

When the guest list icon is select you will see a pop out window. Enter the preferred name of the guest (which will be visable to the facilitator on the meeting dashboard). The full name of the guest for your reference and the phone number that you wish the facilitator to dial out too, during an active meeting.

You can add as many guests as you require in the meeting before saving the activity with the green button at the bottom of the create activity menu.

Arranging an automatic dial out for the guest / member

An additional feature can now also be included that will allow the leader the option to arrange a call to automatically be arranged at the start of the meeting for each member.

When this feature is set up there will be an extra option when adding the guest to the meeting. 

Move the slider across before adding the member to the meeting.  

When the meeting is due to start a call will be made automatically, with two additional attempts if they do not answer the phone the first time.

Managing the activity meetings

Once the meeting is create you can amend, cancel or add and remove guests to the meeting by selecting the edit or cancel button as shown below.

If you opt to cancel the meeting you will also have the choice to remove the entire recurring series of meetings as well, in one action.

Managing the Call Dashboard

As a leader

To join an active meeting as a leader, you can select the current or upcoming meeting from the list of meetings displayed on the activities page from the menu.

As a facilitator

To join as a facilitator, select the joining options button on your email invite. 

They will be presented with the option to join over the internet using the online option or dial into the meeting using the dial-in number and meeting ID shown. 

Once the dashboard is active the facilitator can dial out to each attendee individually by selecting the blue telephone icon on each guests name card, as shown on Dorothy's card above.

When an attendee has joined the meeting the facilitator can also mute or remove each individual guest at any point in the meeting.

Using the host menu at the bottom of the page. 

1. Hang up from the meeting

2. Mute yourself 

3. Share your camera

4. Share your screen

5a. Invite another guest if required 

5b. Check or switch your microphone & speaker if you have joined online over the internet

The leader has access to the same functionality as the facilitator including all the usual account options.

If you have any questions or queries please contact our support team 

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933