If you are experiencing an issue joining a meeting and receive the message that the conference ID is invalid. The cause of this may be one of the following - 

The secure meeting ID on your email invite has expired.

Unless the meeting is a reoccurring event, once the call has concluded the ID displayed on your email invite will expire. Check your invite has the correct date & time displayed at the top. A reoccurring event will display the same ID for each day it is scheduled, until completed or cancelled by the Leader.

Entering Leader Pin instead of shared conference ID. 

Unless enabled by the leader (settings>security>meeting leader requirements> allow leader to authenticate with just their leader pin) the shared meeting ID must be entered first when prompted followed by the # button. Likewise if you are entering the meeting ID and the messages says invalid, it could be this setting has been enabled.

Using your own shared meeting ID when joining a colleagues conference. 

Entering your own meeting ID will you put you into your own meeting, to join an invite from a colleague you will need to enter their ID instead.

Responsive touch too sensitive. 

Although rare, entering your meeting ID from a smart phone when pressed doubles up the number entry, causing the ID to show as invalid. You can adjust the responsiveness of your smart phone in the settings. For iPhone go to Settings> General> Accessibility> 3D touch. Then drag the slider to select a lower sensitivity level. Android settings vary between devices so please refer to your phones manual to make the change.

After checking the above suggestions and you still continue to have issues please contact support who will be able to assist further.

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933   E:  support@meetupcall.com