Arranged a call but not received an email invite.

You should receive a Meetupcall invite instantly by email, occasionally the servers can be busy and may take a little longer, although you should expect it no later than 10 minutes after arranging.

If you have not received your invite :-  

Check the calendar app you are using has the same email address as your leader account. (contact support to set up as an alias if not)

Have you included in the 'TO' field along with your attendees email address. If you use 'CC or BCC' the email invites will not be sent.

Remove any images or attachments as this may mark the email invite as 'Spam' and delay the processing.

If you are updating an event already set up in your calendar be sure to select the 'Send to All' option to process the update, this includes adding extra attendees. Please note:  We will only send an invite to the new attendees and the leader if this is the only amendment. 

Find out how to use Easy Invite to setup a meeting via Apple iPhone.

Trouble joining a meeting?

 If you have received dial-in details but they are not working 

  • Do not use the iPhone 3-way call feature – this is not part of our service. You need to dial-in to one of our dedicated phone numbers (as shown here).
  • Are you trying to dial-in to a toll-free number via a mobile? Some countries toll-free numbers are restricted via a mobile. If so use the geographical alternative, found here.
  • Responsive touch too sensitive. Although very rare, entering your conference ID from an iPhone when pressed doubles up the number entry, causing the ID to show as invalid. You can adjust the responsiveness of your iPhone by going to Settings> General> Accessibility> 3D touch. Then drag the slider to select a lower sensitivity level.
  • Check our status page for any issues relating to the geographic number you are using.