If we are unable to access your Camera or Mic device when you attempt to share your video during a Meeting, this may be due to the permissions on your browser blocking our attempt to access it.

PLEASE NOTE: Internet explorer is currently not supported and you will need to try an alternative browser to take advantage of this feature. 

Initially we will request permission when asking to share your microphone and then again for your camera, as shown below

You should see a pop up window similar to below after selecting the blue request permission button

If this pop up request does not appear you can check the permissions by selecting the padlock icon (Chrome, Firefox & Edge) on your browser. For Safari, right click on the URL and then select 'Settings for this website'

To enable your camera & Mic, follow the steps below

On the address bar, click the padlock icon, as highlighted 


If Camera or Microphone says 'Blocked', use the dropdown to change this to Allow. 

Close the Share Camera window and then reopen by clicking the Video icon on your dashboard 

You should then be able to share your video with your attendees

If this does not resolve the issue, for further assistance please contact support

E: support@meetupcall.com 

T: +44 203 137 8933