Each leader account is assigned to their own ‘meeting room’, attendees can enter the room when they use an active meeting ID (an ID is like a key to open the door to the room)

If a meeting is in-progress (people in the room) and attendees from the next meeting use their meeting ID (key to the room) they will join the in-progress call.

To avoid this, a leader can lock the meeting room which prevents attendees from the next call joining the current meeting,

How to lock / Unlock a meeting room

1. Click the padlock icon on the Live Call page, click the button again to unlock the meeting


2. Enter *2 on your telephone keypad to lock the meeting, enter the command again to unlock.

NB: If you have another meeting scheduled on your dashboard, your currently active meeting will automatically lock, preventing attendees from joining the upcoming call.

Once your call is completed you can unlock the meeting again or hang up and rejoin.

For extra security you can enable Waiting Rooms, therefore any attendee wishing to join your meeting will not be able to enter the room until accepted by the leader. 

For more information refer to the Waiting Rooms article.