When hosting a meeting with more than 25 attendees, we recommend some settings are updated to optimise call quality and attendee experience.

If you need to host a meeting with more than 60 attendees then the following settings are mandatory to ensure all attendees can successfully join your call.

If you need to host a meeting with more than 200 attendees then please schedule in advance by contacting support@meetupcall.com.

How to update settings

Settings can be updated by a leader via the meeting dashboard under the settings page

 1. Set attendees to join muted to reduce background noise and chatter

You can unmute attendees via their attendee profile on the live call page or to unmute all the attendees select *5

Attendees can unmute themselves by pressing *1 on the device keypad

  2. Change the join and leave announcements

Choose between a subtle beep or no announcements at all