To update a meeting arranged by easy invite, find the calendar event you created when arranging the call.

Click to edit the event and make the changes you need to make. This can be changing the date/time, adding attendees or cancelling the call entirely.

Once you've made these changes click save and submit.

When you do this, your calendar should ask who to update about these changes.

It is important you choose the option to update/send to ‘ALL’ attendees, we will then send out a new set of invites informing all attendees about the changes.

You can also cancel a meeting from your meeting dashboard. Select the cross that is against the meeting you wish to cancel. 

If this is a recurring series you can opt to cancel the full series a shown below.

Once cancelled all attendees will be notified and the meetings will be removed from your dashboard.

Please Note: If the amendment is adding additional attendees, then only the new attendees and the leader will receive the new invite.

If you have any questions or queries please contact our support team 

T: +44 (0) 203 137 8933  E: