Our Easy Invite feature shows each attendee the best possible dial-in number based on their location, as well as changing the meeting start time to match their location's timezone.

In order to do this we obtain certain information from an attendee, however this isn't an exact science and occasionally the wrong location can be picked up.

Here is the process we go through to establish your location:

  1. If you click the link in the invite email to manually select your location we use that.

  2. If you've not manually chosen your location, but you have clicked a different link in the email we can establish which country you are in by your IP address.

  3. If you are the leader we use the country setting in your leader or account settings.

  4. We look at your email address and base your location on your domain.

  5. If all else fails we will default to GMT.

If your location is incorrect, you can click the 'Not your timezone?' link in the invite email and manually select your location.

For more information on how to change this please refer to the following article Change your location

Alternatively you can contact support who will be happy to assist.

t: +44 (0) 203 137 8933  e: support@meetupcall.com