Logging into your Account Control Panel

Once you have activated your account as the designated administrator you will have access to the account control panel. 

If you also have a leader account for conference calls you will be asked which area you want to go to first.

Under 'Account' you can update your company contact details, including the name, VAT number and registered address.

Sidebar & Switching to the Conference Dashboard

On the left of the screen is a column of tabs for all your account actions including managing leaders, checking usage and updating billing information.

You can also easily switch to your conference dashboard by clicking the link on the banner at the top of the page

Managing Leaders Settings 

Selecting the leaders tab from the menu allows you to manage current and add new leaders.

The Leader Name, Email Address, Conference ID & Modify Leader Account Settings can be located within this section. For more information Click Here

Countries - Available geographic numbers

The Countries tab gives you access to currently available geographic numbers and the estimated costs for Toll Free & Dial Out, should these features be used.

If the Country you require to dial out to is not on the featured list you can use the dial-out calculator to give an estimated cost, located at the bottom of the page. 


Allows you to personalise your call dashboard with a background image or corporate colours and also your company logo.

The first option is to select either one or two colours to be displayed on your dashboard or you can choose to upload a background image instead.

This will then be displayed in your preview window as a mock up, before you chose to apply it.

The next option is to upload a company logo which will be displayed on your company dashboard and also your email invites.

Once you are happy select the 'Apply custom branding' button which will apply your new branding across all leader accounts.

Contacting the Support Desk

If you require any further support you can select the Help button situated at the bottom of the dashboard. From here you can chat to support. 

Or Email Support@meetupcall.com