There are several automatically generated service emails that will be sent out whenever you perform certain actions when using Meetupcall, as well as emails to let you know whenever a new feature is launched.

If you feel like you are being sent too many emails, you can toggle off certain emails in your settings.

To do this, visit the settings tab of your conference dashboard and scroll down to the email preferences drop down menu. Here you can toggle on and off the following emails from Meetupcall:

Occasional feedback request:
After a conference call, you may receive an email asking for feedback about the conference call to help us improve our service.

Call recording notification:
This is related to the email notifications that inform the leader that the call recording is ready.

Morning summary:
This is the daily morning summary that reminds the leader and attendees of any meetings that are scheduled for that day.

This is an email that is sent out to all leaders and attendees 15 minutes before a conference call is due to start.

Feature launch email:
We will email you to advise you of any new features that are added to our service.