What is a leader?

A leader is a person within your organisation that can host their own conference calls. Here you will be able to learn how to manage all the leaders on your account.

How to access the leaders page from your Account Control Panel

  1. Go to manage.meetupcall.com.
  2. Enter your email address and password.
  3. Click on the Login button.
  4. If prompted with a pop up, click on the Account Control Panel button.
  5. Click on the Leaders tab on the sidebar.

The Manage Your Leaders page contains a list of all leaders on your account with a search box for finding specific ones.

Row of actions

Modify this leader
Allows you to change individual settings for that leader and place restrictions on which services they can use.

Generate new ID and PIN
Generates that leader a brand new shared ID and Leader PIN.

Email this leader their details
Emails that leader their shared ID and PIN if they have activated their account, and a reminder to activate their account if they have not done it yet.

Delete this leader
Removes their details from our servers so they can no longer arrange a Meetupcall conference call.

Adding a new leader

Clicking on the Add Leader+ button will take you to the Create A New Leader page. From here you can add a new leader and select their settings.

How to add a new leader

  1. Enter the leader's first name, last name, and email address.
  2. Select their settings if needed.
  3. Click on the Save Leader button.

Once you add a leader they will be emailed instructions on how to activate their leader account, set a password and arrange their first conference call.

Automatically add leaders

On Manage Your Leaders page, there is another service we offer called automatically add leaders. When activated you can enter a domain, and if anyone tries to sign up with an email that uses that domain they will automatically be added to the account you already have with us.